PREMIUMMEDIA offers a wide variety of services, covering step by step, any production's needs. We have the people, the means and the expertise for best results in every stage of production.

Pre production

Organizing and scheduling a production For every step of production, we know what needs to be done and how to do it, in the most cost- and time-efficient manner. PREMIUMMEDIA's experience in different production situations ensures a well planed, scheduled and executed production.

Script development, content analysis

Working closely with top financial analysts and journalists, PREMIUMMEDIA has developed a clear insight of the Greek Market. We create customized corporate presentations that go beyond simple commercial slogans, providing meaningful information about the company presented.

Location research / data bank

Greece combines a wide variety of shooting locations, ranging from mountain landscapes to colourful islands. PREMIUMMEDIA has created a data bank of shooting locations, which is constantly updated. We also offer location scouting on demand.


PREMIUMMEDIA offers casting services for television actors, supporting cast and extras. The company's archive (men, women, and children) specializes in people with a "corporate look" as well as interesting "every-day" characters. The company has an experienced casting team that can meet specific needs on demand.


PREMIUMMEDIA people have extensive experience in working under different shooting conditions, finding the ideal balance between production needs and budget limitations. Apart from our full-time production team we cooperate with some of Greece's most experienced freelance technicians, production and creative professionals in order to ensure an impeccable end result.
PREMIUMMEDIA's new services include aerial shootings at low altitude or indoors, with flying cameras, developed by PREMIUMMEDIA, customized to the specific needs of each project.

Post Production

PREMIUMMEDIA's top of the Line equipment meet any production and post-production needs. All post production needs -Editing facilities /Composition / Graphics / Animation - are in house enabling PREMIUMMEDIA to ensure top quality results in every step of production.


Following completion of a corporate movie, PREMIUMMEDIA continues consulting the client regarding media needs, offering solutions and technical support (encoding movies for the web, for DVD presentations, projections for events, creation of movie archive with company activities, etc.)